Out In Perth: Kyle Bielfield Delivers his version of A-ha’s Megahit ‘Take On Me’

Kyle Bielfield has a new album on the way, Manhattan is an album inspired by time spent in New York City.  One of the first tracks released from the record though come from Scandinavia, it’s a simple rendition of A-ha’s breakthrough hit Take One Me.

The video sees Kyle recreate the Norwegian band’s iconic video, while the original video took weeks to create, 2018’s technology probably allowed Kyle to be turned into a drawing much faster than the process Morten Haarket went through in 1985.

The singer has no problem hitting the song’s famous high notes, he’s got a five octave range.  Manhattan sees Kyle take on some well known songs including Michael Jackson’s Human Nature, Simon & Garfunkel’s Still Crazy After All These Years and Toto’s Africa.

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